Eva-Last® Decking

Product Information:

Eva-Last® bamboo-plastic composite materials exhibit outstanding resistance to the elements and maintain their finest colours for many years, making them the ideal choice as long term, cost effective, eco-friendly alternatives to wood. Eva-Last® has two composite ranges to choose from; Eva-techTM, our first generation composite range, available in solid and hollow profiles, as well as InfinityTM, our latest and most superior co-extruded composite range designed for outdoor as well as indoor use. Both range options are available in a variety of colours, finishes and dimensions, to cater for your desired style and specific application.

The Eva-Last® range of composite building materials encompasses a wide range of profiles, colours and finish selections. The combinations are exhaustive. Therefore products are organised into stock groups in order to define the availability of the products. Stock group one represents products that are regularly stocked. Stock group one is subject to availability at any time, however the lead times on these items is generally much lower. Stock group two represents products that are not generally stocked. They may be in stock at any one time, however if they are not in stock they will be manufactured to order. Please consult your Eva-Last® sales representative for detailed information with regards to availability of products at the time of order.

InfinityTM has been created using the latest in co-extruded bamboo-plastic technology. InfinityTM combines the beauty and vivid colours of natural timber giving you the ultimate in ultra-low maintenance decking materials, which includes a 25 year limited warranty.

The InfinityTM range has a unique wood grain and infinitely variable colour surface finish. InfinityTM is available in 4 colours. All colours and finishes in the InfinityTM range are sold at the same price.

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